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Head of computer section:
Mr. Olympa Lema. BSc Ed.

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About the TCA
The College's computer room

Neighbour kids visiting
Staff using the internet


TCA neigbour kids visiting

The other day these neighbour kids, standard 7 pupils, walked in and asked for internet access . . .


Some of the students from outside the college who come for a short course in computer studies here they are using the internet facility


Staff using the internet

Vice Principal Mr. Sambayukha making use of the internet


About the TCA

Technical College Arusha was inaugurated in May 1978. The College was established under an agreement of Technical Co-operation between the Governments of Tanzania and Germany to build and equip the college with the necessary facilities for habitation and training.

The main objective of the college is to train technicians to the level of Full Technician Certificate (FTC). The college has a capacity of 471 students. Main areas of training are in the fields of Automotive, Civil, Electrical, Highway and Mechanical Engineering. Most members of staff have had training in leading institutions in the country and abroad. The college draws its students from all regions in Tanzania who have a technical or science bias and passed very well in their O-level examinations. The selection of students for  the courses is done by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Culture. Applicants from other countries may apply through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

The college also offers part time courses such as Computer skills, Technical Secondary Education, Auto Mechanics, Machine shop Technology and Electrical Installation. In addition to this the college offers various consultancy services.

Vision To contribute in evolving a high level human resource to cope with Scientific and Technological development, application of technology and its effective utilization nationally and internationally.
Mission To train high quality technicians at FTC level and to promote the development and application of Science and Technology.
Objectives The main objective of the college is to train students to the level of Full Technician Certificate (F.T.C)  However the specific objectives are:
bulletTo provide adequate technical education training at FTC level.
bulletTo impart technical skills and attitudes that enable technicians to be employed or self-employed.
bulletTo encourage industries adopt new technologies for sustainable economic development.
bulletTo conduct and promote scientific and technological research and publications.

The college's computer room

The computer room is essentially the college's computer centre. It offers services to various categories of people, groups of people in various aspects of Information Technology. 

The main activity here is training, categories trained so far include:


Part time students of various ages and especially those who will have finished secondary education while awaiting placement elsewhere.


For quite some time we acted as trainers for Hans Seidel Foundation, now the Arusha Hotel Training Institute at Sakina. Training initially the teachers and then the students in computer applications until they got their own computers.


During the retrenchment exercise quite a number of those retrenched were trained here in computer applications and some were rehired as a result of having acquired the new skills.


British Council during its Links Coordinators Workshop conducted here at Arusha requested a two days training for its 56 participants especially on the use of the Internet and how to send and receive e-mails. The participants were drawn from various Secondary Schools across the country. There were a few Primary Schools represented. The intention was for each of them to own an e-mail address and be able to use the internet to access a resource website in UK and communicate over the internet.


Full Technician Certificate Students at Technical College Arusha. As part of their training Computer Applications is incorporated in the second year curriculum for one year. The number of hours so far allocated for computer applications is to short due to constraints on the timetable. This is a group using the computer room on a continuous basis throughout the year.


The Open University of Tanzania practically evaluates its respective students using the computers in our computer room. Where applicable students use the internet to justify their projects.

Use of the Internet connection 

The internet facility so far is confined to the computer room room. Teaching how to use the internet has therefore been incorporated in the basic training of computer applications at no additional costs. 

bulletThis internet is extensively used by people in this community, students, teachers and neighbours as a communication tool.
bulletThe availability of the internet connection has certainly been of added value to TCA community.
bulletThere are those who use the internet purely for communication purposes.
bulletSome teachers have used the internet to find learning institutions, and secured sponsorship for training.
bulletSome members of staff have been looking for specific field-related information on the internet.
bulletSome students have been using the internet to look for places for further training and quite a few searching for educational material related to their field of study.

The overall challenge here is to have teachers assign the students tasks that will steer the students towards looking for possible solutions from the internet.