National Natural History Museum

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Curator: Mrs. Felista Mangalo
Boma road
P.O. Box 2160 Arusha - Tanzania


The museum is situated at the end of the Boma road neighbouring the Arusha International Conference Centre, the Arusha Municipal Council, and the Arusha Regional Offices. 

It is harboured in the Old German Boma.  The boma is believed to be founded by the Germans in about 1900, for administration and communication purposes during the Germans colonial era in Tanganyika.

The Museum was opened to the public in 1987 with the exhibits depicting human evolution, including findings from the famous Olduvai Gorge and the Laetoli footprints.  A modest exhibition on entomology presenting some insects of economic importance is also an attraction to visitors.

Mission Statement

To bring together students and teachers to discover values and learn more about different issues in relation to school curriculum through the use of the Internet.

Museum Cyber-net

A major challenge for the youth today is to make sense of the lots of information and data available to them and to adopt a critical attitude to it.  Students therefore need to know what to search for, how and where.  The Museum Cyber-net is here for them.

At the museum Cyber net students and teachers are provided with the necessary skills and equipment to benefit from the vast resources available in the globe.  Internet offers information and opportunities; opportunities to establish contact with other teachers, students and schools around the world.

  There are two types of services at the Museum Cyber-net;
Internet and Emails

Overview of computer networking

Introduction to main functions of the internet

Managing the internet

Security on the internet

Emails communication with students locally and abroad on different topics.

Special supervised project for secondary school students

Familiarize with word processing, spreadsheet and database

Search engines

Develop skills in using information technology to conduct research on various topics including world heritage

Encouraging students to use information technology for problem-solving in specific situations

  Special thanks goes to the Tanzania Culture Trust Fund without which the furnishing of the Museum Cyber-net would have been impossible.  We therefore recommend our visitors to surf the Internet for the World Heritage Sites.