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Elimu Online has been possible by payments from members of Habari.  If you are connected by Arush Node Marie you are contributing to this Philanthropic Service.

The members of Arusha Node Marie (ANM) are pleased to offer free Internet access to education oriented institutions and facilities in the Arusha region, Tanzania, East Africa.

EOL stands for Elimu on Line, "Elimu" is Ki-swahili for education.
EOL's Mission Statement

"Enabling the e-needy to access knowledge on the net"

For institutions to be considered eligible for free Internet access they have to:

  1.  Have at least one computer appropriately configured for Internet access.
  2.  Have an available connection (preferably wireless or cable Ethernet) to ANM.
  3.  Have a skilled member of staff to teach and manage the Internet access.
  4.  Allow ANM representatives to periodically evaluate the access site.

The focus is on: Tanzanian Secondary Schools using the national curriculum and preparing students for the Tanzanian National Exams.
 Teachers training colleges and institutions.

Our Philosophy

To provide free access to the Internet in order to catalyse an interest in, access to and familiarity with modern information technologies, as represented by the Internet, to the students who will be the future managers and decision makers in Tanzanian businesses and institutions.
Our Aim

To stimulate an environment of enthusiasm, co-operation and self-reliance in our institutions.
Our Method

Eligible institutions will be offered discounted Internet access for a period of six months. Within these six months these institutions will be encouraged to:

 Incorporate information technology and the Internet into an educational syllabus.
 Establish a formal timetable for information technology.
 Invite a neighbouring institution, with no computer facilities, to share access to the Internet and Internet studies.

If, after six months, all these activities are established Internet access will be offered free of charge.
Our Hopes
That we, the members of ANM, can positively influence the awareness of the potential offered to Tanzania and Tanzanians of the many rich opportunities being enabled and inspired by the very rapid growth in information technology, especially those related to the Internet.

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