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Now that we're into the 21st Century, solid knowledge of computer technology is becoming more and more necessary if we wish to succeed in the future economies. Habari Members have realised this and through EOL have made this site. This site is dedicated to providing EOL members and the general public with IT information all in one place, especially for students from various Arusha Schools and Colleges. You will find extensive basic computer information presented here for your browsing and reading pleasure – and even some videos will soon be added...

However, we are not stopping there with our scope. We also provide useful information and references for experienced and expert computer users. We ask all habari, EOL members and computer lovers in Tanzania to contribute to this site for articles, tutorials and answearing visitours questions when they come.

Future computers will change; they may not even be called computers anymore since computer technology is permeating nearly all the electrical devices we manufacture today. As we have seen, computers do far more than simply "compute". Keeping yourself knowledgeable in your areas of interest is essential for future success - in today's world, that includes computers.

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