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The History of EOL


.....E-mail was first accessible in Arusha, prior to 1994, by calling a node in Nairobi or an Internet Service Provider in Europe or USA. It was at this time that several individuals, who accessed their E-mail in this way, got together and decided that it would be cheaper and more effective to establish an E-mail node in Arusha.
..... Right from the start the node was a group effort. The basic premise was to promote electronic communication and to make it available to everyone. It was this premise that was the founding principal of the Arusha Node Marie (ANM) Society. This principal still holds true, it now being enshrined in the society’s constitution. Unlike other, commercial, nodes ANM is guided by its members/owners in order to provide the service that they need.


You may be curious as to where the name 'Arusha Node Marie' came from. Well, the Arusha and Node parts are obvious. Marie is a part of the nodes’ history. Marie is Marie Benson, one of the founding 12 members of ANM (now retired and still active, with husband Stan, in St Peter, Minnesota).

Marie is also a very organized person, and was for many years a reliable source of phone numbers, addresses and other hard to find information. She and Stan were retiring soon, and so were kind enough to "donate" their phone line to the foundling node so that it could call the Nairobi Node twice each day. Thus, since the great hope of this endeavor was that the node would become our future font of information, as Marie herself had been previously. . . well, the name Marie was thought to be particularly appropriate.

Marie Benson

You have to remember that in the mid-ninety's it was practically impossible to get a new telephone connection from TTCL. Marie Benson provided the connection that kick-started the ANM services that you all now enjoy.
In January, 2002, Stan and Marie returned to visit Arusha Node Marie.

Today ANM is a Tanzanian product providing top quality services to the Arusha community equivalent, and often superior, to those given in developed countries such as the USA and European nations.


Philanthropic activities represent a mechanism whereby ANM can differentiate itself from a commercial provider by putting something back into the Arusha society in which it operates. The nature of the society’s philanthropic feedback to Arusha has proven difficult to define and has, historically, been a mix-match of different projects rather than a specific and programmatic approach.
..... In the year 2000 the steering committee decided to take the bull by the horns and developed a formal approach for the philanthropic activities of ANM. A specific budget for philanthropic activities, from the ANM annual subscription income, was approved. This budget is used to support educational programmes only and is focussed on providing local educational institutions with free and unfettered access to the Internet.
..... The philanthropic activities continue to be managed and evaluated by EOL committee and the steering committee, the budget not being substantial enough to justify hiring a fund manager. If there are members out there who are interested in volunteering their time to assist in the implementation of the philanthropic activities of ANM we would be very interested in hearing from you.

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